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Welkom op Organza Store!

Organza Specials and other gift bags

Geschenkzakje met ruitjes Organza zakje met stippen Organza buideltje

Organza bags with sequins.
Two sizes
 multiple colours

PLAID Giftbags
different types, sizes and colours.

Organza bags with polka dots.
two sizes and different colours.

Organza pouch bags
available in different colours.


 Organza zakje met veertjes  Organza puntzakjes  Organza hartjes  Organza zakjes met blaadjes.

Organza bags with fur on top.
Two sizes and available in white, silver, pink and blue.

Organza cone bags.
available in 6 colours.

Organza bags in heart shape.
available in 9 colours.

Organza bags with leaves.
Two sizes, two colours.

 Organza met velours Kerst en winter kadoverpakkingen  Organza flesverpakking  Organzazakjes Halloween

velvet bags with organza.
white, gray and black 
two size.

Organza Christmas and winter bags. 
multiple types, sizes and colours.

Organza bottle packages.
6 different colours.

Organza bags
Halloween theme.

Oranje Organzazakjes  Organza Store | Valentijn organzazakjes  Organza Store | Moederdag geschenkverpakkingen van organza  Organza Store | Vaderdag geschenkverpakkingen van Organza

Orange organza bags
(with red, white and blue ribbon)

Valentine Organza bags.
an overview of giftbags for Valentine

Mother's day
a selection organza bags fot mother's day

A selectiON organza BAGS
Organza zakjes Cupcake mix


Organza bags Cupcake mix


On this product overview of our organza specials we have listed all our present- and giftbags.
This page will give you a good idea of our collection of organza and other gift bags.
As you can see we have organza bags with sequins and also with winter or Christmas prints. You can find those organza bags on our Christmas page.

Very cute are the plaid gift bags and the bags with the polka dots. You can use this kind of bags for example to pack bath salt in it or use the bags for baby shower gifts, especially the bags with the pink or baby blue colour.
We also have luxury velvet with organza bags to use for example with jewelry. Our organza heart shaped bags are good to use at Valentine day. On our Valentine theme page we have more organza bags which you can use perfectly on Valentine day.
If you are looking for organza bags for you wine bottles we can help you as well. In our assortment we have organza bottle packages in 6 different colours.

On this Organza Special page we also have several themes for gift packages, like: Halloween, Mother’s day, Valentine and Christmas.

If you have any questions or ideas please contact us by phone or by e-mail.